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Club Recognition

In October 2011, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West contributed $1,500 to the Tuktoyaktuk Community Library. Following is their letter of appreciation.

The Tuktoyaktuk Community Library officially opened on November 1, 2011. Initially, the Library had a little over 500 books, 100 DVDs and furniture borrowed from Mangilaluk School. The Library now has 1939 books, 497 DVDs and has secured a capital grant to purchase new furnishings. This has made a huge difference in the image of the Library particularly to youth. It is now a much more appealing and comfortable place.

With generous donations from various organizations such as the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West, the Library has been able to purchase additional items for the library such as board games, craft supplies, computer equipment, additional books and DVDs, and has been able to run programs for various age groups (from ages 0 - 19) as well as provide a healthy snack for many of the programs.

The programs for preschoolers and youth ages 5-11 are very popular. The homework hour is well attended by all age groups and the healthy snack served after students complete their homework is a big attraction. Elder storytelling is very popular with all age groups.

The computers are used extensively but because of the small number of computers (two), the Library has limited the number of times and duration a Library patron can use them each week.

In the future in an effort to attract more youth ages 13 - 20, the Library is hoping to be able to purchase guitars and offer lessons for youth. Many Elders in the community are able to play guitar and have offered to share this skill. The Library hopes to also find funding to purchase additional computers, video game equipment and games.

Once again, thank you very much for your financial assistance.


Audrey Walker
Tuktoyaktuk Community Library

On June 15, 2011, Jay McLaren, Past Lieutenant Governor presented President David Schiller with the “Distinguished Club” status for the year 2009-2010. Our club received this special award only because of the hard work and dedication of its members. As President David remarked, “Your Board members work hard all year to ensure your club is successful and each member enjoys the Kiwanis experience. I wish to give a special thanks to our “Distinguished Secretary” Carin Goodman for keeping the club on track last year for distinguished status and her continued efforts to keep your President in line this year. Thanks again everyone. We are definitely the “Little Club that Can”!

Certificate of Achievement (July 2010)
Jay McLaren, Lieutenant Governor, Division 13, presented the Certificate of Achievement to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West in recognition of service and support to Division 13 of EC&C and to the Ottawa Community.


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