Borrow a Book is an essential part of our literacy program at W.E. Gowling Public School. Many of our students do not have appropriate books to read at home, and many of our parents are unsure of what is involved in reading effectively with their children. Borrow a Book addresses these issues. As you know reading at home provides a myriad of benefits, and this program provides the resources for parents to do this with their children.

Each classroom has a wide and rich selection of books at the level that the students can read and understand. Every night students choose one or two books to take home to read with their parents. Through handouts, workshops at our annual literacy night, and discussions between parent/guardians and teachers, parents are shown how to listen to their child read, how to ask questions and develop rich discussions, how to prompt their child, etc. As you can imagine, this requires a lot of books be available for students.

Even with a check out system in the classroom, some books go missing and the households where books go missing are usually the ones who cannot afford to replace them. So we need to replenish each year. Another viewpoint is that if a child keeps a book, even if they are not supposed to, a child is keeping a book and it means they want it, which is a good thing, on one hand.

Each child has their own book bag and folder for recording books read, and who read to them, etc. Students see the accomplishments over time. Teachers notice a big difference in reading skills in children who read at home regularly, and for the few who just don't, for whatever reason, get the support at home, we have school volunteers and older students who become 'reading buddies' for these students.